The Hyperlux (2022) are a series of work for the 2022 Winter/Spring show, Vibrant Pool, at Currents 826 in Santa Fe, NM. 

The series continued on at 516ARTS and the Harwood Art Center in ABQ. 

The entire series of work up to this point, alongside a collect of astrophotography by the Albuquerque Astronomical Society, is on view at Outpost! Performance Space until
the end of March 2024. 

See a write-up in Hyperallergic about the show. 

Hyperlux exist as a series of lightbox prints depicting simulated light assemblies. This research begun with the Assemblies project. The prints were supplemented with a video sculture and a wood etching. 

Light lives as experience and as phenomena. Light exists as the fundamental system that allows for a visible perception of existence. It exists as a cross-dimensional force through our awareness of time. Light exists as dust that isolates the latent print of corporality, a mote of creation. Dust exists as informer. Dust exists as a base-unit, a fundamental particle that reveals energies beyond perception. It is tool, instrument and material.

Simulation acts as a window into possibility. The Hyperlux were created as impressions of simulated photons, inspired by gravity's effect on light as co-existent forces. A simulated existence allows for a systematic level of control of our elementary unit. Through this attempt of control with the use of variable oscillation, patterns start to emerge through overlaps and superpositions, resulting in a type of photonic moire.

The use of a digital space atomizes the line between perceived reality and simulation, and while the digital realm can forever chase the goal of natural physical laws, the fabrication of a simulation provides a new ground plane from which to experiment from. Particles allow analysis of simple bound systems. The particle serves as a dye that reveals hidden dynamics. It is a unit of possibility and potential, a building block in flux, an origin and an end. The particles lay ready to collect and reform and to visualize the forces that lead the way.

Show Copy:

Vibrant Pool presents the work of three New Mexico-based artists working across a variety of disciplines in innovative ways. Vibration—whether it be sonic, photic or chromatic—elicits energy, resonates in the space between us and generates excitement. The bodies of work presented by each artist are emergent processes; pieces that become new again at each interaction or shift of the light. Ranging from sound installation to experimental photography to light sculpture, the work in Vibrant Pool showcases some of New Mexico’s brightest emerging artists: Kirsten Angerbauer, Emily Margarit Mason and Zuyva Sevilla.
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LightSpace at Outpost! Performance Space

Hyperlux at 516ARTS in Albuquerque