Zuyva Sevilla is a semi-sentient collection of atoms feebly trying to understand everything around them. As an interdisciplinary artist, his work aims to compose, collect and culminate in an interpretation for the inherent chaos of the universe, inspired by everything from the proto-scientific to the metaphysical. Methods within digital fabrication, sculpture and physical computing are key research tools. 

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Selected Press:

D Magazine
iARTA Spotlight

Selected Exhibitions:

Resonances - 2023, Currents 826, Santa Fe, NM (Currently on view until April 9, 2023)
Currents New Media Festival 2022, Santa Fe, NM
Vibrant Pool - 2022, Currents 826, Santa Fe, NM
Area 3 - AURORA, 2020, Dallas, TX
full harvest - 2018, gardenblock, Denton, TX

Artist Statement:

My work delves into the fundamental infrastructure of existence and the intricate ways we perceive our surroundings. Through a combination of sculpture, video, and digital media, I seek to create new interpretations of the chaos of the universe, while also engaging with concerns around consumption.

In particular, I am interested in the paradox of creating work about energy while also using and potentially wasting energy in the process.

My sculptural work dissects the movement of light and heat into active choreographies, often through site-specific installations that activate presentation spaces. I use common industrial materials and repurposed tools to create stages that amplify simple physical actions. I leverage physical computing and digital fabrication to create works that explore the conversion of energy throughout our existence.

In my video work, I use computer simulations to provide a window into possibility. A simulated existence allows for a systematic level of control of an elementary unit. The fabrication of a simulation provides new origins from which to experiment from.

Ultimately, my work is an auto-didactic approach to concepts beyond my understanding; it is an experimental and experiential self-study using instruments of perception and creation.