Synistanai is a 15-channel video installation using more than 100  enterprise computer monitors to display varying particle simulations  invoking the creation of the universe. The monitors serve as a tool to  inspect multiple sources of derivation, Systems that ebb, flow, and  evolve from chaotic to balanced and back. These are the forces that  created us, the forces that usually remain unseen, the forces that  rule our perception, that we can try to study and hope to understand,  forces that are revealed after being dusted with raw matter. Like wind  through tree branches, it is only when particulates are introduced  that we can see emergent properties within seemingly simple rules of  attraction and repulsion. The monitors arrived at the garage and set  up an observation station for the speculative forge of hypothetical  creation to emphasize the primitive systems that serve as the seed for  forces and systems we experience around our perceived world and  beyond.


Synistanai is part of Area 3 by Aurora Dallas, a drive-thru art experience in a downtown Dallas parking complex. The show is  on view from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 2020. More info about the show at


Selected Works

Valence EffectProject type

Notice of Disintegrationnatural balance

Beholdenwitness, witnessed

Synistanaiextra-vehicular activity

Quintessenceinter-universal exploration

AngstromProject type