Zuyva Sevilla is a multi-dimensional artist, photographer and astronomer currently attending the University of North Texas double majoring in New Media Art & Physics. With a particular focus on the realities in front of and beyond our eyes, his artistic work is an ongoing effort to unite the fields of science and mathematics with aesthetic studies into one cohesive way of thinkig. He is inspired by everything from the proto-scientific to the metaphysical  

He briefly attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, aiming for a Graphic Design degree. While originally trained as an graphic designer, focusing on branding and editorial design, Sevilla’s studio work generally deals in three and four dimensions in order to better explore the union of art and academia. 

His artistic influences include Marcel Duchamp, Charles Ross, and Joanie Lemercier.

In 2016 Sevilla’s work was part of a small gallery showing for Space Horizons at the Matter.vc Gallery in NYC. His work was also featured in Designing Democracy and System, Process, Context, both at MICA Bronze Gallery in Baltimore. More recently, a project of his was part of the Core Design show, at the UNT CVAD Lightwell Gallery in Denton. 

“Revolutionary art and visionary physics are both investigations in the nature of reality.” — Leonard Shlain